10 reasons why Shenmue 3 is going to be a success!!!
The PlayStation 4 has a huge install base. The PS4 has sold more consoles than the original Xbox and Dreamcast combined. That's already a major win for Shenmue in my opinion.

The Dreamcast sold a little over 30 million units worldwide, Xbox sold about 24 million. The PS4 as of a year ago sold about 60 million consoles, which is more than both of the other consoles combined. The user install base for the PS4 now reaches more gamers than the original platforms, so Shenmue III has a better chance of succeeding than the previous installments when looking at it from a strictly numbers standpoint.

Sega is letting Yu Suzuki have full access to all of Shenmue's previously created assets. This includes all of the artwork, music and all the of the original game designs.

While the original Shenmue games are about 20 years old now, Suzuki can still use some of their assets for developing the new game. Most importantly, all of the sounds and music from the original games. Yu Suzuki has stated that he has already utilized previous music and even unused music from the original games, which is fantastic news in my opinion.

The story for Shenmue characters has already been fully planned out. Shenmue I & II were essentially created simultaneously. As soon as the team completed Shenmue I, they immediately began work on the sequel. Parts I & II at the time, were just too big to fit into one single game.

Today’s technology gives us such conveniences as Blu-ray discs and 5 TB hard drives so long gone are the days of disc-swapping mid-game.

The funding of Shenmue III is coming from a variety of places. The Kickstarter campaign and the Slacker Backer campaign that came afterwards raised over seven million dollars from fans. Not all of that 7 million will go to game development though. A portion of it that also goes towards the backer rewards and Kickstarter fees.

In addition to that, Deep Silver has commissioned the help of Lakshya Digital. They will be handling all of the NPC's in the game. This is good news for YsNet because they don't have to spend a lot of time and money developing a bunch of non-playable characters that players may or may not interact with.

This frees up resources for Yu's team to focus on the core gameplay and story; the primary elements of a Shenmue game.

We can’t forget about Sony. They’re paying for the marketing of Shenmue III; All the funds that go towards putting out advertisements, whether it's on TV or on websites. A lot of people don't realize how much money that actually costs. Marketing can take up to 40% of a games total budget, which is staggering to think about. I for one, am happy that Sony has decided to help Shenmue III in this way.

The game engine being used is Unreal Engine 4. The original games had their own game engine that was built specially for Shenmue. This allows Yu's team to concentrate on other aspects of the game, not having to dedicate resources to building a new engine from scratch.

A lot of people love that engine, I'm one of them! It's a great engine, very streamlined for modern game development and the best news is it’s 100% free! Epic Games collects a small royalty of the profits developers make from the game if you use their engine, so they basically succeed when you succeed as a developer. It’s a smart way to go.

YsNet has partnered up with other companies to distribute the game in China. The country actually had a ban on video game consoles and games for a long time that ended just recently in 2015.

China has a lot of potential to really carry the game financially by themselves. Shenmue III is going to take place entirely in China, so it just makes sense that the game would actually be released in China and not through some pirated means or via shady websites.

Millions of people play games in China, mainly PC games. China is currently the largest PC gaming sector of anywhere else in the world, it has an estimated worth of six billion dollars annually.

Yu suzuki is dedicated to this project. This is his masterpiece, his legacy, his lifelong gaming achievement. He is putting everything he has into it in terms of his energy and creativity. He really understands that the fans are expecting a lot of him. Also he doesn't want to make the game just for the fans of the series, he's making it for himself as well.

It's a personal project for him, a labor of love. He reportedly sleeps in the office. He wants to get this thing done and I I say take your time with it. I'm ready to play it now but I understand that you can't rush perfection. I don't think he's going to let this project fail and I don't think he's going to let the fans down.

Shenmue broke Kickstarter records. Shenmue 3 became the most funded video game project in Kickstarter history and it still holds that record to this day. 69,320 backers pledged $6,333,295 to help bring Shenmue III to life.

The outpouring of support for Shenmue III was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It actually broke the Kickstarter servers. That's never happened before or since!

I think this support is going to translate into real sales and some real enthusiasm from the gaming industry.

With the re-release of Shenmue 1 and 2 on modern systems, the Shenmue series has reestablished itself as an important staple in the gaming industry. It’s captured the imagination and fascination of older games but it's not a game that most people are going to just jump in and love immediately.

However, there are some that do love it immediately and attach themselves to the world and the characters. There are a lot of new gamers that have played Shenmue for the first time and love it. They also can't wait for part three and what's great is that we get to experience this all together as one big group: the older and newer gamers.

The fans. We're just not going to let it happen. We're not gonna let the game die. We're not going to let the game not be completed. It doesn't matter if they want to charge 500 dollars for part 4; there are people out there that would pay that for one single game. I’m 100% convinced of it. That shouldn't happen of course, but there are people out there who are so dedicated, so passionate for this series; never giving up hope.

It's been almost two decades since Shenmue II came out and still people didn't lose hope. We kept saying “it's gonna happen. We know that Shenmue III exists at least in paper; in a planned out form. We want to get some sort of closure to the story that we began so many years ago.” It looks like we're finally going to be moving in that direction and I'm so excited to see Shenmue III finally come out. I live in a world where I have to pinch myself every so often to be sure Shenmue III is really a thing! I still can't believe it but the Kickstarter campaign ended nearly four years ago.

Well, those are my those are my 10 reasons why Shenmue III will be a success. I don't even know how I'm going to react whenever I start playing that game. I've never been so anxious and almost nervous to play a game as I am with Shenmue III. It's a weird feeling because it's just a game that I never thought would actually come out. I always held out hope, telling everybody “This is the E3 where Shenmue III will be announced!” Of course it never was but I kept holding on hope, and here we are: on the on the cusp of the release of Shenmue III.

No other game announcement has brought men to tears like Shenmue III has. I wanted to finish this article with a statement from Yu Suzuki, put out in a Kickstarter update: “2019 is the year of destiny for Shenmue III. Everyone has waited so long and at last this will be the year that Shenmue III delivers.” I think this is destiny. I think that Shenmue III was supposed to happen this way. Yu Suzuki’s vision for the saga was simply too big, too ambitious for consoles at the time. This way, we will get the best possible Shenmue experience. The full-on Shenmue experience we have dreamed of.

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