Yu Suzuki @WeGame & Cedric Bay Going Live!

Yu Suzuki will be in China on the 16th of December 2018 to give a presentation about Shenmue III's current state. The annoucement came last week from the organizers at WeGame. WeGame is China's biggest PC games distribution platform. The event's name is the G-Fusion Tour and the venue is in Xiamen, a sub-provincial city in south-eastern Fujian province. The event's website promises that there will be interesting stories and that good news will be announced regarding Shenmue.

Just a few days after this annoucement, Cedric Biscay (President & CEO @Shibuya Productions) told his followers that there will be a special Live stream from Shibuya on their FaceBook page. The broadcast will be Live from Tokyo for an exclusive announcement! Please check your local times, the event will start at 22:00hrs (France).