No spoilers (safe place to discuss shenmue 3)

A place for discussion of Shenmue 3
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No spoilers (safe place to discuss shenmue 3)

Post by TheMozartThug » Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:40 pm

I have been waiting for this game since childhood and have pledged $175 so im a huge shenmue fan..... But i have not seen any shenmue 3 footage, or read any articles..... I purposely cut off from it so i could experiance the game to its heres my thoughts and wishes.... Feel free to discuss here and get exited but dont give away anything...... Some of us still like going in blind.
I hope shenmue 3 doesnt have amazing grahics, i hope its small and feels like the first one, where u get to no all the little back allys and npc...... I hope there is some really cool easter eggs and shout outs to the old shenmues. I hope there is some long scenes like the famous walk at the end of 2 (god that walk was amazing) i hope we get the watch and the time stays the same and i hope we get a few arcades to play with. My biggest hope is that we get to see shenmue 4 as i know shenmue 3 is not the final.

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Re: No spoilers (safe place to discuss shenmue 3)

Post by admin100WaysToChai » Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:57 pm

it is going to be very tough for some to stay Spoiler free...i'll be going on lock down for 2 weeks...😷
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Re: No spoilers (safe place to discuss shenmue 3)

Post by hoogafanter » Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:20 pm

I'm not sure what we're allowed to discuss here without spoiling anything lol other than just hoping it's a good game. But I'll definitely help moderate spoilers out of here if I see them as per your request.

I personally don't have any issue with spoilers, in my opinion a great story can never be spoiled, and only gets better the more you know about it. For example, I've watched Terminator 2 probably 50 times in my life. I enjoyed it my 20th watch way more than I enjoyed it my first watch. However crappy movies like the 6th sense bank on their twists and are only really good to watch once...

But going in 100% blind like you are definitely has it's upsides, mainly being completely blown away by absolutely everything you see all at once instead of spread out over time like the rest of us watching trailers. Please keep us updated at launch and post your reactions, i have a strong feeling this game is going to blow me away as well and I've been digging for any info I can get lol...
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