Shenmue III - So Far!

Ok, so we can now reveal certain details, concerning what will in fact be in the third game.

Now regarding in-game currency, whereas the first two had Yen (Shenmue) and Hong Kong Dollars (Shenmue II),
Shenmue III will have the currency of the Chinese Yuan. A small but interesting little cultural nuance in-game.

Similar streetfighting elements that appeared within Shenmue II, will again return.
This time, within a complex called the “Rose Garden”. A rather gentle name for an area of brutal fighting, where we may’ve opted for “the House of Pain”. Now here is one fact which is extremely enlightening, regarding the third installment, maybe the most of all.

The game will be similar in size to that of Shenmue II. Yes, you read that correctly. The game area will in fact be as large as Hong Kong from Shenmue II.

A hell of a task the team have undertaken here, but one which will surely achieve the wow factor. What this will undoubtedly mean, is that Shenmue III will be a huge game. Something that many of us doubted initially. Especially when it was said the game would focus more inward. Very promising stuff.

So, a whole mass of information there regarding Shenmue III.
And what really springs to mind is how the team have gone out of their way, to achieve the same vibes and scale of the first two games. That right there is what will win over any sceptical fan.

The key is in the detail and one of the Shenmue series’ main strengths which could never be argued, was this meticulous attention to it.

Options and variety is another thing which ran through the original titles and seemingly this will also be the case with Shenmue III.

To put it simply, the core of what made the original Shenmue games great, has been kept intact. So lets get Sweaty!

(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo