Shenmue III: Punching all the Right Notes!

From this latest Shenmue III screenshot, we have what promises to be the biggest progress we have seen so far.

Not only does the image look FANTASTIC, but it also retains those original vibes. This is perhaps the first time that we are seeing the real authentic Shenmue look. The game on the basis of that screenshot alone, really is poised to be not just another fan funded project, but something truly special and groundbreaking.

Some fans, including myself were slightly concerned if the game could live up to the hype and if the team could recreate the same experience with different hardware and much smaller financial resources. And if, what appears to be the case, Shenmue III's development has carried on in this spectacular vein, then the game could even surpass the wildest of fan expectations.

In light of a few negative reviews of the Shenmue I & II collection, this screenshot is a massive morale boost for the fanbase. It really looks like not just the game is on track, but that this is the real deal. Also very key to point out, Ryo looks authentic and it's a sign that the character models have reached the same level as those environments showcased in the small trailers.

I'm quietly confident now that Shenmue can live up to the hype. Being a game anyway, that won't immediately appeal or gain the attention of the casual gamer, means that in some ways maybe it can slip under the radar. And maybe allow the team more freedom to work under, as bizarre at that could sound. And you could certainly say, even though there is some pressure on YS NET and Deep Silver, the extra year they've taken to release Shenmue III, will ensure we do not have a "rushed mess".. As some fans may point the finger at towards with certain other releases..

We hope to see more similar quality screenshots in the build up to 2019 and beyond. Not only will it help to gather more momentum, but it'll show that this is not just another project, this is something special and unique.

This is Shenmue.

(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo