Shenmue 500K & the Meaning of a "Fan Community"

The Shenmue fan community is not just a few selected pages or sites. Neither is it just a hashtag or an event. It is a whole collection of fans located all around the world, all with different experiences and talents to offer. All with different opinions and different levels of dedication. But our love for the series is what makes us all the same.

Part of what made our community so special and successful in part, is because of how inclusive it was. And sadly, WAS is the key word.

As you'll see in our group and any other Shenmue page or site, there are many dedicated fans. Not all may get on, but what they do share, should take priority over what they don't. And it should be the duty of any so called "community leader" to stay neutral in disputes. NOT to help exacerbate them, by further driving dedicated fans like ourselves, to a point where we feel we have to speak out.

Don't be fooled by certain disingenuous types like Team Yu, Shenmue Stare and the new owner of the Shenmue Dojo. They all pretend that they care about the fan community, when they've gone out of their way to alienate lots. Mostly by blocking fans and silencing the right to speak freely or post opposing opinions. All with much proof to back this fact up. I never question their love for the game, but as far as the community goes, they've used it for their own gain, rather than truly respected it. And they don't deserve their standing in any way whatsoever, because of this. Their inability to stay neutral, their inability to keep fans together rather than divide and their inability to accept and respect the efforts of all, who made the campaign and community what it was.

The vast majority of fans within the Dojo and the French site Master are decent people, so our slight is with ownership at the top and certainly not anyone else.
The platforms, particularly on Facebook and Twitter that they use, wouldn't be half as big, had we not busted our asses off in building them up so much, over a sustained period of time.

True like with everyone, these types may have helped the series and some in more ways than others... But, there are no excuses for side-lining those who massively helped them. And without whose help, they would have achieved nothing at all. If the boot was on the other foot, this would still apply to us. However, they would've found that we would've not stooped to half the levels that they have done.

Our stance and we hope others share this, is to NOT try and take sides, but just to help the series in the best way we can. We have the #TeamShenmue event every 9th of the month. Hourly tweets for twenty four hours continuously and all designed to help bring back some of that feel good factor, that has been lost by the corruption of the values of our campaign.

Having being instrumental in the build up of the original tweetathons years ago*, #TeamShenmue is a more than worthy successor to the original non-warped event.

*Proof which we can provide along with our ownership of the campaign.

Contrary to what some may be telling you, our hashtag event #TeamShenmue is not designed to break up the fanbase, neither is our group or ANY other activity we do to help the series. Rather it is done to help encourage and drive forward in much the same way, old events and the older fanbase used to. Please think for yourselves and do not be influenced by some of these types. Whether you want to take part in our event or others is your choice and that alone. Not anyone else's to make for you. We of course appreciate anyone who decides to participate in the #TeamShenmue event, but we understand some fans have been fed a pack of lies as to its intentions.
So maybe, sadly it's just part and parcel of being a part of a gaming community. In no way would we or genuine fans, try to derail any efforts designed to help the series. Even if, the efforts are from those who constantly lay accusations at our feet.

Importantly, the key with all is to have fun and encourage others. And we have a duty to try and include all, not exclude any. It seems a few so called "respected members", seem to have forgotten what made the campaign so special in the first place. In showcasing their own greed and egos, too busy preening and posing, rather than acting and doing, they forget that it was never about just them in the first place.

So we're slowly taking back Shenmue 500K, the campaign we created, for ALL. It is an open world after all, so it should be FREE for everyone.

(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo