Magic Monaco 2019

A new update on Magic Monaco 2019 has come to light. It has just been revealed at a Magic Facebook Live Event, by Cédric Biscay (Shenmue III co-producer & President of Shibuya Productions), that Shenmue III will make an appearance at MAGIC 2019 (March 9, 2019).

Even more intriguing, are the words "important material will be shown".

The date of the Shenmue III "material" reveal (March 9, 2019), will also coincide with the 5th anniversary of the MAGIC Monaco event itself. A truly landmark reveal for a truly landmark occasion.

Also, the Official poster of the MAGIC 2019 event will be revealed on December 16 in Tokyo, Japan.

Further information regarding what the Shenmue III related "material" may be, will be revealed at the MAGIC Press Conference in Paris on February 7, 2019!

Death Wish Ryo (ಠ▂ಠ,)