It’s just been discovered, that Shenmue III will grace the cover of the #330 April 2019 issue of Edge magazine!

Even more interesting, is the screenshot that has emerged from the upcoming issue.

The insight the screenshot circulating gives, is that Shenmue III will feel alive and in keeping with the vibes of previous games.

From this particular shot, it gives off a lot of Shenmue II’s Wise Men’s quarter.

Thoughfacing criticism from certain quarters, it’s clear that the game will indeed carry on in the same vein as its predecessors.

And even if some fans are incapable of seeing the positives, I think that this alone,the fluid transition of Shenmue’s qualities, is incredibly encouraging to see.

We can also bear in mind, that it’s likely that the picture was taken before all the recent graphical improvements.

The recent shots including Ryo, Shenhua and later Lan Di and Ren, all looked pretty amazing, so we can take an educated guess at the in-game progress, also following suit.

In this way, much more following the outstanding shots we’ve recently seen of the in-game environments.

As said, we’ve always remained firm in our community and opinions stance, in saying all thoughts good or bad and voices should be heard and are all welcomed.

But please try and remain constructive with any criticisms.

It could be linked very possibly, as to how the Shenmue III team have now decided on only showing actual gameplay to a select few fans at the upcoming Magic Monaco event.

If we take into account how past screenshots were received and the negative press and fan attention they got, it only points to a form of protectivism from the team and trying to keep things more under wraps.

Controversial and without beating around the bush, it’s wrong in my opinion.

Not in keeping the game’s secrets and having things safely under wraps, but in letting just a select few fans view what we should all be seeing.

After all, this is a crowdfunded game, not a normal video game production in itself.

And by the same means, Shenmue is FAR from a normal game and far exceeds the normal work put into similar creations.

By this, we mean within Shenmue’s intricacies and fine details, that many a game would not go the extra mile for.

Every fan should be on an equal level, after all it is the fan community not singular fans, who brought Shenmue back from the ashes in the first place.

As eloquently put by Fintan Bourke on our Facebook group, it is more about the community than the individual.

While some of us may work more separately, we’ve always had the community at heart, whereas as some who work in the crowd have had more themselves in mind.

And perhaps in more recent times certain ones have not been called out enough within the community, for creating and spreading disharmony, while they cleverly hide behind the two main sites…

We will all at least get to see a trailer, likely the most important ever for the

The next trailer will be a landmark event for the team and one which could very well make or break public interest.

Get it right and the hype machine will go into overdrive and explode. Combined with the expertise of PlayStation’s marketing machine, if done right, Shenmue III could have the chance to become the most commercially successful game of the series so far.

I’m going to take a bet and say it will exceed previous entries, on just hype

And if in the very possible case, that Shenmue III actually lives up to
expectations, then we could be in for something truly BIG.

(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo