There was a lot of build up, hype and expectation to the 5th anniversary of the Magic Monaco event and unsurprisingly, most was about Shenmue III.

Well, I can tell you that the wait has been truly worth it.

We have not only seen the best trailer as of recently, but I’d argue among if not the best, regarding the third game.

Noticeable, is the rounded character development and those human touches that separated Shenmue from all of the rest.

The world’s which were full of life and character seem to have been retained as such again.

Case in point, even from the trailer, we can tell the characters feel like actual people rather than just lifeless avatars.

And while that might not seem extraordinary to many gamers today, it’s how the story is told and how things will likely intertwine, which will make the game ten times as immersive an experience.

Shenmue is a game of actions and consequences leading to branching paths, so fail one thing and it could change the path Ryo takes later on in the game.

Theory in point.
It’s these subtle nuances which mimic reality, even the mundanity of forklift tasks (as are expected to return in three), which help and serve to reinforce the immersive elements in-game.

The screenshots shown here show some beautiful work, which has really made major improvements to all the character models.

Notably, Shenhua looks perhaps the most strikingly beautiful since Shenmue Online and Ryo retains the same original vibes from earlier games.

The signs are extremely good. Extremely. Good.

From what we have learnt, it is likely that Shenmue III will have the following such additional extras.

Moves-list – It has been said that around one hundred or more moves scrolls may be bought. Far exceeding even Shenmue II in this regard. Not only that, but the way in which you learn the moves will far more closely follow a more traditional RPG, than the previous games.

Mini-games will also greatly benefit how you learn and master your moves to the fullest extent.

Shops – Apparently, there will be a range of shops, but you will be able to compare prices and buy cheaper food. Similarly perhaps, as to how you were able to find better offers for selling your collections at the pawn shops in Shenmue II.

The ability to eat – In previous games Ryo could drink as much soda and coffee as he liked, but now he also has the ability to eat.

Such actions it has been said will have a direct effect on in-game actions such as training and battles, where use of energy and stamina is needed.
Nuances in the gameplay dictated by how you look after Ryo, in effect.

The very real threat to Ryo – Even beginning the trailer, Ryo has clearly had his ass well and truly handed to him. Ryo is out of his depth and needs to grow and learn fast. Here being the reason why Shenmue III will offer a veritable feast of moves scrolls.

Mini-games – Shenmue is widely known for it’s mini-games and the third installment will certainly not disappoint.

As well as the welcome of return of old favourites, such as QTE Title and Lucky Hit, a new development is the addition of a fishing mini-game, places of where to fish and tournaments to enter.

So I guess, get those SEGA Dreamcast Bass fishing rods at the ready?! And pretend they work with the PS4. All is good. Don’t cr..


It was revealed that Shenmue III’s soundtrack has been heavily influenced by traditional Chinese music.

And that the personality and characteristics of characters and their development, will be deeper than in previous installments of the series. For example, we’ll find out an awful lot more about both Shenhua and Ryo this time around.

The trailer as seen here and on the official Shenmue III Youtube (follow the link) is 2:40 long and shows a few plot lines.

Such as the Chiyoumen having pursued the mirror, breaking through someone’s living quarters and the closer ties between Ryo and Shenhua.

We also have someone who is mentoring Ryo, like a Jianmin 2.0 or a more streetwise Mr. Miyagi type character, of the third game.

What we do know, is that this character will prove key to Ryo’s development in the game.

So the signs are very good and should lift even the most pessimistic of Shenmue fans.

The trailer gives an example of the finished product but is also far from being the actual final version.

And if the strides that have been made so far are any sort of an indicator, it shows there will be many more positive surprises to come.

(ಠ▂ಠ,) – Death Wish Ryo