Shenmue III - New China

During gamescom we were given the opportunity to inteview Yu Suzuki about Shenmue 3, it's story, the world and all its elements.

A Considerably larger World

Yu Suzuki - “The world of Shenmue 3 is bigger than that of parts 1 and 2. How big exactly is hard to answer, but it is certainly bigger. It is slightly smaller than when you combine 1 and 2."

So it promises to be a big world for Ryo to traverse looking for his father's murderer. This world will still be semi-open and the same applies to the fact that the different areas are connected to each other and offer you the option to go wherever you want. Shenmue 3 promises to be huge...

Shenmue III's Bosses

'BIG 4': Four bosses who eventually make way for a free route to Lan Di, the head of a criminal organization and the one whose hands murdered Ryo's father Iwao.

Yu Suzuki - “These are the big 4, as they are called. They are the new big bosses in the game. Ryo will have to beat them."

It is certain that Lan Di will return in Shenmue 3, whether Lan Di is one of these four bosses is still unknown but will this mean that Lan Di will actually pay for his sins. In any case, there is a lot of fighting in Shenmue III..

Fight like a Boss

As of today we still don't know a lot about the fighting mechanics in the game. What we do know is that there will be different fighting styles that Ryo can learn. This does not work with scrolls like the previous instalments, but with masters who teach you new styles. You will be able to train with different masters, each with their own style. Like the old game you can still get new moves by paying and winning scrolls.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Yu Suzuki - “You can use the forklift again. You can fish in different places in the world and sell those fish. You can chop wood in the game. You can also get started with a small mechanical car that you can control yourself. These are radio cars. Whack a Mole is also there, just like a boxing machine."

The forklift truck in particular will appeal to existing players. This was already in both previous parts and provided income, but also a lot of entertainment. It seems that once again we are allowed to tear at industrial sites to become the fastest forklift driver in China! Fishing and other activities, on the other hand, also present lucrative challenges.

Yu Suzuki -“There are many side missions in the game and some of these missions have capsule toys or other rewards. There are also collections of, for example, capsule toys that you can complete to make a special price. Then you get a special price. There is also clothing in the game. There is a fishing championship where you can win a jacket and a shirt."

Previous Games, New Players

Yu Suzuki -“The completion of parts 1 and 2 would be better if you did that. But it's not necessary. The game is set up in such a way that you don't have to do this. There is a story recap in the game and during the game you get to see flashbacks what happened in the first parts.”

Normally if you start a third part in a franchise, especially if it is an RPG, you miss quite a bit of history. Shenmue 3 will not have that problem. According to Suzuki-San, the game can be played completely without prior knowledge of the franchise. In fact, the game is built on it, although it is always better when you have played the earlier parts.

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