Why PC Gamers are so upset about it!

Hello Everyone,

If you are unaware the Team behind Shenmue 3 YSNET have made recent Kick Starter Update regarding how they will be moving forward with recent complaints over Shenmue 3 Exclusivity to Epic Game Store on PC which was announced at E3 PC Game Show along with Yu Suzuki.

Soon after there was another Kick-starter update saying that YSNET Team will be looking into to it and aware of the situation to help calm the storm with begrudged fans who are not happy with this decision to help find a solution.

It has been noted that Yu Suzuki has won Epic Games Award for creating the most Buzz around Shenmue 3 and Epic Games.

However: the award is without a sense of irony seeing the mass press surrounding the award has been mostly about the backlash making Shenmue 3 Epic Store Exclusive which many PC Backers are not happy about and are asking for refunds expecting the game to come to Steam they are feeling betrayed by this decision.


So why are so many kicking off about it?


It’s actually allot reasons why so many are kicking off not just because the game is Epic Game Store Exclusive but also the lack of transparency and lack of communication from YSNET part with the Backers.

It was basically the perfect storm for a Backlash, depending on who you are and your own point of view you could say situation created a ton of Press and free Media and PR for both Epic Games and Shenmue 3 so it’s no wonder Yu Suzuki won an award from Epic Games for creating the most buzz.

Allot the Backers me included are still up in the air over how this will effect our pledges also finding out the Gaming Press got to play Shenmue 3 Demo when it was promised that many of the Backers who pledged $100 would be first in the world to play Shenmue 3 – it’s still unknown over what copy of Shenmue 3 will be sent to Backers or if we will get the Standard or the Deluxe Edition which are currently up for Pre-order on Epic Games Store or be forced to re-buy the game have to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition.

This issue was not mentioned about this in the latest KS update more clarity needed and defined what is going to happen with Backers pledges and the rewards they will be entitled too.

There was no clarification after announcement or why this would be best out come for Shenmue 3 allot speculation that might just been about the money mainly due to the radio silence lack of information and communication from Shenmue 3 KickStarter Updates. It’s only now after 3 weeks after last KickStarter update how YSNET and Epic Games have helped development with Shenmue 3.

It’s all good knowing this better late than never, but still… Doe’s not get out the way why so many are resistant with Epic Games Store Client with allot information how Epic Game Store uses ‘Meta Data’ and ‘Spywhere’ and links to ‘Chinese Government’ and lack of in game features and no ‘Shopping Cart’ and not being able to buy games in bulks and some known for being banned for doing this on Epic Store Game Client While also using high bandwidth which some PC gamers are not happy about.

Also buying out other AAA and Indy games exclusivity to create competition with Steam.

Personally, I don’t know any truth in any of this or how much of this information is fake news or true. However: despite these negatives you also got look at the positives.

I think it’s time to let the feud with Epic Games die and cut everyone involved with Shenmue 3 some slack because there are many pro’s to this situation how it will help the team involved also helped Shenmue 3 to be game every fan has dreamed of playing since the announcement back in 2015.

  1. We have found at least 10 of the stretch goals Yu Suzuki wanted are now being implemented as part of the game.
  2. Both YSNET and Deep Silver will get better deal all round regarding how much profit they will get back also licence and use of Unreal Engine 4 has been cut due to the deal having Shenmue 3 Epic Store Exclusive which means there will be greater chance of future Shenmue games if enough money is made on Shenmue 3.
  3. Active Support from Epic Games regarding Unreal Engine 4 to help Shenmue 3 be the best game we could play.
  4. Tim Sweeney CEO of Epic Games will be refunding those who are not happy with exclusive deal on Epic Store which will not effect development cost at all with YSNET – Saying that those who do want the game come out on Steam will only have to wait a year for it.
  5. Finally we have seen enough now from E3 regarding Shenmue 3 that it’s shaping-up into the game we want, we all have seen the Trailers and snippets so far not much to complain about.
  6. Also coming future new survey will be sent out so backers will have a chance to choose better delivery methods and chance to change address or what platform they would like play the game instead. So if you are not happy with the out come on PC you can now have the chance to change it back PS4 copy instead.



I think at the end of the day if you are a true fan and want to support Shenmue 3 then platform should not be an issue the game is shaping-up nicely we are getting the game we have dreamed of playing for many years, all the partners involved helped that make that a reality. Lets not let a few people who are not happy with the outcome ruin the chances of future Shenmue games. When you think about it and now with better transparency and communication with the latest KickStarter Update really not much to worry about. All we got to do now be patient and play the game in November.

I have waited long enough I think many of us have as well…