IGN Japan Interview Review

As the Tokyo Game Show 2019 has come to an end, Interviews from various gaming websites have been posted online. IGN Japan spent some time with Yu Suzuki to discuss Shenmue III, it's DLC and what to expect on it's release in November, this article is a quick review of how the interview went - Source video below

*Source IGN Japan

High Tech Land
Suzuki-San tells IGN - "The arcade machines you (Ryo) brings into the harbour with the forklift are Sega's Astro City machines. However, the games themselves are new original games. The arcade games won't just be games like whack a mole or a QTE game but are some actual video games we created.

*Astro City Cabinets
Arcades in Shenmue are called “High-Tech Land”, a homage to Sega as their arcades were called that in Japan in the old days (80s, 90s) and some still around Japan to this day."

*A High Tech Land in Tokyo
Tomato Convenience store is back
Yu Suzuki thinks there are over 1500 items within the game. You can examine each object that you have in your inventory, just as you could do in the old games. Around 50% of the stores and shops will have items you can purchase, with prices varying on items as time goes on. The Tomato Convenience store is back, with the same nostalgic music, although you won’t be able to hear it outside near the store this time. As an example of what they sell, Yu Suzuki mentions a travel magazine called the “Niaowu Walker”. You can buy and drink juices from vending machines just as you could in the old games, however there will be no lifting or drinking animations.

Yu Suzuki names the lady from the guest house as his favourite NPC, saying that "she's very rough and careless, but actually has a nice heart. Older characters were easier to make look realistic compared to younger people with better skin. He also says that he's added more beautiful women and kids in this game because Shenmue was always called a game with only old people in it."

Magic Weather
Magic Weather returns with rain that affects Ryo's jacket, puddles that reflect the sunlight, you can see footprints on the ground, rain dripping from stones and roofs etc. The moon is also a physical object in the game that changes its shape in real time. Ryo sleeps at Shenhua's house while staying in Bailu Village, in Shenhua’s father's room. Her house has been faithfully recreated to what it was like in Shenmue II, while tweaking some parts to make it more interesting. In Shenmue 3, Ryo gets send back to Shenhua’s house or Niaowu at 9PM. He can enjoy conversations with Shenhua until around 11.

Shenmue 3 has a very long script, of which a huge part consists of conversations with Shenhua. Talking with Shenhua can lead to some funny situations, for example, "Ryo saying something inappropriate. Just like in Shenmue II, there will be many multiple-choice questions for the player to ask Shenhua, or answer questions from her. Depending on all of the choices you make, your relationship with Shenhua will evolve in different ways. To hear every conversation, you would probably need to play the game 20-30 times. The different outcomes of conversations with Shenhua are not big, but small differences so it won't affect the main story in any big way or anything. Yu Suzuki just wants you to enjoy the small differences."

Ryo, call Inesan
*Choubu-Chan Phonecards
In regards the telephone conversations Ryo can make, Suzuki-San says "non-backers can make calls too, but backers get more variations. You can buy a telephone card for 5 yuan, and will be fully voiced with flashbacks playing from those characters while playing. The small character we have seen in previous Kickstarter Updates, as well as on the phone card are called “Choubu-chan”, and there is one of these characters hidden in each of the 140+ stores in Niaowu. If you find one, you get an original card from the store, offering a collection of over 140 cards to obtain. The Choubu-chan will sometimes be difficult to find, changing in size, colour etc."

Future DLC

"There will be DLC in the future, and they will offer the player new rewards such as costumes etc."

He confirmed three story expansions that are apparently already in the works, and they will all be themed differently. Without going into much detail, he teased that two of the DLC releases will be action-oriented and narrative-based. The last one will be “like a casino” and deal with gambling dens. The DLC will offer new rewards such as cosmetics through mini-games. For example, there will be fishing tournaments that give away t-shirts as prizes. The developer plans to add more of such events over time.

There will be fishing tournaments, with prizes such as t-shirts with the face of the fishing shop owner on it. There is also a stamp paper for fishing and you can get new stamps by fishing for new fish at different locations, and there are many different types of fishing rods you can obtain/purchase. Some can be cheap, but others can be expensive, such as a “carbon rod”.

That is just a small glimpse of whats to come on November the 19th, It looks like we are getting the Shenmue we have dreamt of...