Run Up - Magic Monaco 2019

Following last year’s participation in the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC), Director Yu Suzuki will once again be attending this year’s event in Monaco held Saturday, March 9th! The press conference for the event took place February 7th as many of you may have already seen, but for those of you who haven’t, please read on!

As this is MAGIC’s 5th Year Anniversary, there are a variety of events planned for the occasion. And of course the latest Shenmue III news will be unveiled!

A special MAGIC ✕ Shenmue III T-shirt will be available for the event, so be sure to follow along at the official MAGIC site and Twitter for more information.

Below you can find the new Shenmue III screenshots from the press conference!

Cedric and the team at Shibuya Productions released the screenshots with the caption -

"Let's meet at #MAGICMONACO on March 9th in order to discover a great trailer in a World Premiere of Shenmue III and some surprises!"