Enthusiasts translate the Shenmue series into Russian!

A team of enthusiastic fans have taken up the full translation of all three parts in the Shenmue series on PC, as the re-released in 2018 did not get an official Russian translation!

The team has been translating the games for almost five months now and this week (17/10/19) they plan to publish the Shenmue 3 demo for backers in Russian.

A fan ported a previous translation of which had some issues. The team set out to finish this fans work, fixing clumsy font positions and translating the missing text of the past author (Diary/Menu/Items).

With the Shenmue II translation, everything is better, since the Team got a better understand from working with the first game. According to some reports, the transfer is already completed at 70% or so.

*The Shenmue III Beta translated to Russian.

The Shenmue III Demo translation has already been completed, now the team is busy editing the existing text in order to bring all the lines/textures/guides to life.

At the moment, the team plans to transfer Shenmue I, Shenmue II and Shenmue III + Demo, so perhaps in the near future we will see a high-quality localization of the Shenmue series for the Russian market.

This article was translated from www.playground.ru