Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, after Chinese and 20 other countries have this as there first language, and in many of those countries Sega was and is still very popular.

Adding this important language (in it’s two variants, Latin American and European Spanish) will make new generations know one of the greatest games ever made, and in consequence, grow the popularity that such a masterpiece like Shenmue deserves.

Latin America is full of people who can speak basic English, but when you don’t use the language daily, it is really difficult to enjoy the experience when playing a game that is not your first spoken tongue.

Besides, some kids don’t enjoy reading subtitles while playing, so a full dubbing would attract more people.

With Spanish translation or dubbing you would be aiming to more than 700 million people (that’s how many Spanish speakers are in the world), including loyal Sega fans and new generations who couldn’t get to know and play the Sega Dreamcast in it’s golden age.

One more language that should be added it’s Portuguese, with the variants from Portugal and Brazil.Brazil still produces Mega-Drive / Genesis consoles today, so you can imagine how big SEGA for us in South America, thanks to Tectoy. In Argentina, were I come from, is the same! We still buy Mega-Drive / Master System consoles and it never gets old!