Yu Suzuki @WeGame - Interview

Yu Suzuki was at the Nuclear Fusion 2018 Xiamen Station to annouce that Shenmue III will be on the Chinese WeGame PC PLatform, he also answered some questions from the media - Below are some snippets from these questions!

What is the current development state of Shenmue III?

Yu Suzuki - Shenmue III's development is going smoothly, The Japanese version has been basically completed and work on the English voice acting is currently in progress. Chinese localization will be carried out by WeGame.

Can you explain Shenmue's open world?

Yu Suzuki - Shenmue was very focused on telling a real life story. It is to reproduce the details surrounding the protagonist's life following the death of his father. When i was making Shenmue I, the game had only one theme or kind of gameplay. My idea was to let the player be apart of Ryo Hazuki's story, be in the game if that makes sense, experience a variety of elements.

Can you tell us how Shenmue III came to be?

Yu Suzuki - After Shenmue II, many friends and fans contacted me and said that they want to play the sequels. This is at a time when SEGA were out of the console market and Shenmue II was ported to the XBOX. During this time, I was very upset. We did not have the budget to continue the games but the fans were very enthusiastic. The enthusiasm from the fans touched me. The fans had the view that if the story could not be finished on the gaming platform, it could be finished as a book, maybe even an animated film. Around this time the thoughts of crowd funding was circulating. We decided to do so and set up a KickStarter for Shenmue III. Originally we asked for 2 million becuase we wanted to make the game in small scale but we were overwhelmed with the response. Sony and Shibuya got involved so that is the reason for the current state of the game.

Why choose the WeGame platform?

Yu Suzuki - WeGame is China's biggest PC game publishing platform, very experienced.

What are your expectations for the Chinese market and from the players?

Yu Suzuki - I hope to have more interactions with Chinese players. I have always liked Chinese culture. Shenmue II and III are set in China. I want to convey these chinese cultures in Shenmue to the Chinese player. We are now working on Chinese localization and trying to finish it so I can bring to everyone.

What is the progress of the Chinese localization?

Yu Suzuki - The Chinese version of the localization is handled by WeGame, WeGame has a very professional localization team, I am very much looking forward to their ability to provide an original Chinese version. The PS4 version will be localized by Oasis Games.

Shenmue III will be released on the 27th of August 2019.

This article was translated from 3DMGAME